Northwest Hinterlands

Basic Info

     The land of mages. The majority of the land in the Hinterlands is divided up into small parcels each governed by a patron wizard. Each wizard controls his tower and the small folk surround therein. The primary feature, however, is the capitol city of Aaman. Aaman is the seat of power in the region; more importantly, it holds the mages' council. The council controls all college trained and licensed mages in _________. Outside of the city are the twin colleges of Physical and Arcane magics; they are also each cities in their own right.

     Being that the main focus of these lands is the magic users, their military is built around protection of heavy hitting but lightly armored mage battle groups. Rumor has it that their special forces also has a spectacular trick up their sleeve as well.

Significant Locations:

        Capitol: Aaman
        Minor City: College of Physical Magic
        Minor City: College of Arcane Magic

Northwest Hinterlands