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  • Ibdyllan

    Basic Info

         Almost encapsulated by mountains, Ibdyllan has little agrarian potential. The kingdom is supported primarily by mining exports due to their positive relationship with the dwarves of [[Thirnum Bodir]], who …

  • Freisde

    Basic Info

       Politically unstable with huge swaths of open, arable land. The populations is mostly agrarian and pastoral, with the export of food being the primary source of income for the entire nation. The government collects …

  • Laasish

    Basic Info

         The location of the first landing on ___________. The population of Laasish is Ancient and can trace their history back thousands of years; they now rest primarily on the laurels of their past glory. They are, …

  • Northwest Hinterlands

    Basic Info

         The land of mages. The majority of the land in the Hinterlands is divided up into small parcels each governed by a patron wizard. Each wizard controls his tower and the small folk surround therein. The primary …

  • Epam

    Basic Info

         Epam's central location has lead to it being quite literally the center of every major conflict since its habitation.

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